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About ROSU Appraisal Management Corp

ROSU Appraisal Management is a privately and minority owned Appraisal Management Company specializing in residential appraisals in the Manhattan area.

What is Appraisal Management?

The function of the appraisal management is to review the appraisal and the evaluation, which is performed by one of our appraiser partners to ensure that it meets USPAP and client appraisal standards.

Enhancing Public and Government Confidence in the Appraisal Process

Our quality assurance team remains in constant contact with the field appraiser to deliver our clients the best appraisal report the first time. Every evaluation ROSU Appraisal Management performs respects and abides by the guidelines set forth by all applicable state and federal laws and all appraisals adhere to USPAP standards, as well as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and/or FHA guidelines. Furthermore, our Valuation Management Group is at the forefront of compliance issues regarding Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines, Dodd Frank Reform Act, UMDP, USPAP, UCDP, UAD and Federal & State Appraisal Independence Laws. We are knowledgeable on appraisal guidelines, regulations and follow standards of good practice with the Title/Appraisal Vendor Management Association.

Why choose ROSU Appraisal Management?

Although we are a new Appraisal Management Company, we are local and have extensive geographical experience unlike national firms, this results in a more accurate appraisal. With decades of experience, the ability to adapt to the changes in this evolving market, and an extensive understanding of the appraisal process, along with current industry standards and practices makes our uniquely qualified.

Every appraisal report we perform is subject to our quality assurance process, which is a complete check and balance system designed to ensure reasonable and supported valuations. All reports are also subject to an automated administrative screening, followed by a hands on, technical analysis by an onsite quality analyst.

We save You Time and Money

Rosu Appraisal Management is consistently updating their equipment and software to ensure privacy and confidentiality for all our appraisals. Utilizing the latest technologies, we are able to offer our clients a wide range of services that provide primary and secondary market data. Feel confident knowing that we work directly with our team members to establish and maintain quality control procedures. Every report is manually reviewed by a one of our Quality Assurance Reviewers.

ROSU Appraisal Management policies and procedures fulfill all Appraiser Independence Requirements. Rest assured every employee at ROSU Appraisal Management has been educated and certified in the Appraiser Independence Requirements process.